Call S.W.A.T the fashion police makes epic fail

Fur fur……. Yuk yuk yuk
This coat is so ugly that I feel the need to write my first English blog so that Giuliana Rancic can read it and realize how ugly, nasty, foul and disgusting this coat is. Why would anyone wear this jacket or coat to FASHION WEEK?
I dislike fur or fake fur (I believe this was real fur) and fake or real leather. And the crey colour makes it really obscene. It is like this person does not have taste….

Now I have heard before some stereotypes of Italians, but I tell you what you need to be either very brave to wear something this tasteless or colourblind. I will never watch another fashion police episode again. What a waste of time!!!!!!!!!

Clearly I am not the only one who thinks this stinks. 
Check out the link below and see what Sheri-Lee Greenway has to say!